.htaccess version your static files, to help prevent sticky browser cache’s

Just the other day I was presented an issue where multiple browser types on multiple flavors of OS’s were caching styles, scripts and images in a variety of ways. We had rolled out a new version of a product, which ended up having a bug in it, and we had to roll it back to a previous state in order to fix a few things and push it back out. However, due to the flip flopping back and forth depending on the OS you were on, and the browser you were using new scripts were stuck in the cache while the old version was visible, and vis versa. It was a nightmare for a short while. But the at the end of the day it was all due to caching. Not all browsers are equal even Chrome on Mac vs Chrome on Windows vs Chrome on Linux. While they hold similar techniques, each has its own quirks. However thats a discussion for another day. Continue reading