5 Common Sense Solutions to Optimizing Your Website for Better Search Engine Rankings

Your Tensai teaches you Search Engine OptimizationFirst thing’s first:

If you are paying for SEO services from a company that claims that they can get you in the top spot… STOP. Like, seriously STOP.

This isn’t 2005 – Search algorithms have changed so much, that it’s possible to do it on your own.

The way that social media drives society today, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that it takes “science” to get the results that you are hoping for.

With that being said, here are five(5) areas to pay close attention to so that you can save a boatload of cash by optimizing your own website:

Strategically use keywords in your web pages.

Common sense, right? If you have a web page about cats, talk about cats. Talk about different kinds of cats so that search engines take your web page seriously. What will you accomplish by having a web page about cats and only talk about yarn? Geez! No wonder you’re in last place…

Every web page with different subjects needs to have rich keywords that will draw an audience to that particular topic. Search engines LOVE when you put some thought into your content. After all, why should a search bot visit a website that it doesn’t feel have much substance?

Build interest with headings.

You know those beautiful section headings that are wrapped in the h1 – h6 tags? Yeah, those things! Search engines love those and read them out loud like 5-year-olds taking Hooked on Phonics courses. (Do those still exist?)

Not only are your readers less confused about what content that they are about to indulge in, search bots really care about where you are leading them.

Metadata needs to be more enticing.

Look, don’t spend too much of your time using meta generators, because in most cases, they are useless overkill. I’ve seen some that had geolocation still as if search engines aren’t localized anymore… Only Bing cares about Geo. Yes, Bing…

Focus on the basics! Title, Description, Meta Content Type, Viewport. Anything more than those is either depreciated or just indifferent to search bots.

“Why did you leave off keywords?” Because I felt like it! Just kidding (but I’m not)… don’t waste your time on keywords, because search engines do not care about them anymore. Unless you have an eCommerce platform (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) that automatically generates keywords, don’t waste your time going through your thesaurus to create words that you feel will bring visitors. Focus on the basics!

Give pages effective names.

Please, put some thought into what you put in the title field of your web pages. Do I really need to elaborate?

Let me give you an example of that cat website I mentioned earlier:

If your website is named “ILoveTabbyCatsWithFluffyTales.com” your title on every page should NOT be “ILoveTabbyCatsWithFluffyTales.com | Where we love cats of the tabby variety!” Be specific! Do you have 20 different pages? Then come up with 20 different titles that are keyword specific to your topic. It’s that simple.

Social Media.

Oh, you geezer. Stop being afraid of Facebook! Facebook isn’t all about memes, politics, and bickering. Facebook is a place where your website has a “Page” that talks about your service or a particular subject. This is where you are connected to your website and search engines read that content. On your website, you can have live feeds from your posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and search engines see that as “updated content daily.” Stop being afraid of it! You aren’t there to socialize; you are there to engage with readers and followers. Let them see that you offer substance and that you are a real person. Search engines also care about you being a real person – if the website is always the same and seems generated, robots will avoid you like I avoid Kale. It’s bitter, has a weird texture, and doesn’t make me lose weight in an hour after I had an entire cheesecake.

Hopefully, this common sense approach to SEO helps you to save A LOT of money on outdated practices done by these SEO companies, and realistically work toward a top spot in your area, and globally!

Also, I do except cheesecake donations. Strawberry, please.